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Break Down 2 - I Feel Stuck Again

It's that time of the month again when I don't know what to do with my life and how to keep going forward. I just worked on my other blog and updated some articles. But then I started thinking "What tf am I going to write about next?"

figuring out how to make my blog successful

i don't know what i should do to grow my blog. i know all of the things i can do, but i just don't know which ones i should do right now. that's why i'm just doing what i've done for the past year: writing about 2 articles a week. no ads, not great keyword research, no affiliate links, just writing about topics i think should write about. and sometimes, about once a month, i'll feel completely stuck. and today it's that time of the month... how the hell am i gonna make this work? how tf am i going to make a living with this blog?! i don't know...

a short introduction about me

hi, i'm zeph (which is my chosen name) and i'm a 23-year-old unknown-gendered person from the netherlands. i'm a blogger and an artist (i draw cars). i have studied at a university twice and i also quit twice. and i'm trying to make a living online while not working for anyone else. and on this blog i'll share my journey and everything that comes my way that i feel like writing about.

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