figuring out how to make my blog successful

to be clear, i'm not talking about this blog. i'm talking about my other blog where I want to make a living from.

i don't know what i should do to grow my blog. i know all of the things i can do, but i just don't know which ones i should do right now.

that's why i'm just doing what i've done for the past year: writing about 2 articles a week. no ads, not great keyword research, no affiliate links, just writing about topics i think should write about.

and sometimes, about once a month, i'll feel completely stuck. and today it's that time of the month... 

how the hell am i gonna make this work? how tf am i going to make a living with this blog?! i don't know...

writing seems so difficult right now and i feel like i'm writing about the wrong things. i feel like i've already written about everything i know about.

should i expand my niche a bit and include stuff i know less about? that feels wrong. how am i credible enough to write about acrylic paint for example? i have very little experience in it, but according to some keyword research tools, it's a great topic to include in my niche.

will it help to just make a plan for the next few months? but then again i don't know what's best to do right now... but let's try it anyway.

things i could do with my blog to make it successful

to make my blog successful i need to do the following:

  • write articles (obviously)
  • update articles, especially my most popular articles
  • include ads in all my articles (maybe not in affiliate-based articles)
  • become an affiliate for products i like and include those links in relevant articles
  • build backlinks (this one scares me for some reason)
  • make an info product that i can sell
  • create a video course
  • make youtube videos
  • create an email newsletter
  • make pins for interest
  • interlinking articles

i feel like writing articles, updating articles, making pins for interest, interlinking, and building backlinks are the most important right now. building backlinks seems so overwhelming and difficult...

how am i going to get backlinks from people?

well, i know of 4 ways:

  1. write guest posts for other bloggers
  2. link exchange with other bloggers
  3. find broken backlinks to competitor blogs and get them to link to my blog instead
  4. write link-bait articles

the first three require me to interact with other people which is very scary and overwhelming. the third one also requires me to buy a tool which costs about 100$ a month...

so that leaves me with the fourth option: writing link-bait articles.

what are link-bait articles?

link bait articles are articles specially made as bait for other bloggers/website owners to link to. examples of this are an extensive research report, some tool, or just some helpful resource like specific metrics. 

what link bait articles can i create?

my blog is about drawing, so i could create a resource listing the lightfastness ratings of multiple brands of colored pencils.

i could create a resource for color charts. i could do research to how lightfast alcohol markers are. i could create a tool that tells you which colored pencils you need for a drawing. i could create a drawing ideas tool. i could create a tool that helps you decide what the best colored pencils are for your needs (this is probably a really good one as i can include an affiliate link in the end). i could create a resource listing all the characteristics of multiple brands of colored pencils or alcohol markers.

and probably a lot more things.

some of these take a lot of time, others require custom code... maybe i'll create a few of these over this year.

what i need to do in a week

write blog articles

i need to write at least 1 blog article to increase my topical authority, to cover more keywords that bring in traffic, and as content for pinterest.

writing 1 blog article often takes 2 full days, especially if it's some kind of tutorial.

update blog articles

i need to update at least 1 article to keep and/or improve my rankings. this is only relevant for blog articles that should do better and popular articles. 

this could be a great way to increase my blog traffic as many articles should perform better but are not well constructed and written.

this should only take about 1 full day, but it may take a little longer.

make pins for pinterest

i need to create preferably 21 to 35 pins (35 pins = 5 pins published a day), but 14 to 21 is also okay if i'm not able to make more.

this should take 1 full day, maybe a bit longer, and it's quite easy, but it is a mind-destroying task.

interlinking articles

by interlinking articles, I can make my website more crawler friendly and it'll increase my topical authority which in return increases my potential to rank higher.

this probably takes about half a day.

work on creating link bait articles

and if I have some time left I can use that to work on creating link bait articles which i'll publish throughout the year.

my weekly planning

i'll probably change the order a bit so that i start with the most important one and end with the least important one. so that would be:

  • monday: blog article
  • tuesday: blog article
  • wednesday: pinterest pins
  • thursday: update blog article
  • friday: interlinking articles (+ link bait article)

and then i could use the weekend as a buffer if that's needed otherwise i'll spend the time drawing cars or relaxing a bit if i need to.

okay, so that'll be the plan for the next few months. let's hope it'll work and pay off.